IMC Group Asia is a multidisciplinary entertainment company with satellite offices in Chengdu, Osaka, Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok. Headquartered in Singapore, the group’s expertise lies in live show production, creative development, concert and event management (IMC Live Global & Re:Activate Asia) as well as technical solutions (ITC Systems & Eleven Productions). As a collective group, our entities synergise across platforms to create top-notch services for the artistes and corporations we work with while providing world-class live experiences for their fans.



IMC Live Global engages and entertains audiences globally through the promotion and management of live concerts and events. Based in Singapore, with global offices in China, Japan, Malaysia and Thailand, the Group emphasises crafting the best live experiences for fans and is focused on forging lasting relationships with artistes and corporations while creating top quality experiences for the audience. Over the past 12 years, IMC Live Global has promoted over 430 world-class shows for about 5.5 million fans in 48 cities worldwide.


Established in 2016, ITC Systems Global is IMC Group Asia’s technical production and engineering team. It is responsible for elevating the live concert experience and giving audiences an unforgettable live experience. ITC Systems Global owns state-of-the-art equipment comprising lighting, sound and stage work, allowing us to expertly synchronise world-class audio-visual presentations during concerts.


Re:Activate Asia comprises a dynamic and passionate team that boasts a wealth of experience in producing and managing club-based events as well as multi-scaled dance music festivals. We are also seasoned professionals in identifying, developing and guiding  emerging electronic music talents and DJs, as well as managing exclusive music content from creators. From concept development to creative production, Re:Activate Asia runs the spectrum of services needed to create an ultimate live experience.

Eleven Productions is IMC Group Asia’s technical arm specialising in the rental of Musical Instruments and Audio-Visual Equipment. We are also an established Professional Technical Consultancy, ready to strategise alongside our clients on events of any scale. In addition, Eleven Productions is an integral part of IMC Live Global’s concert and event ecosystems, enhancing them to create even better live experiences for fans.

Capitol Theatre is an architectural and heritage treasure managed by IMC Group Asia. The venue remains contemporary and vibrant thanks to its exceptional interiors and leading-edge, world-class audio and visual equipment. The theatre’s 977-seat venue is the first in Southeast Asia to have a rotational floor system that allows for flexible seating configurations, making it an ideal setting for any event. IMC Group Asia proud to helm the theatre’s inner workings and operations, turning a new chapter for one of Singapore’s best and most elegant of venues.

In-House Content

IMC Group Asia actively supports & promotes the Asian Music Scene.
Over the years, IMC Live Global has created platforms for new and aspiring talents through our homegrown concerts such as ROCK ON! Music Festival, IMC Live Global Battle of Band, LIVE IS LIFE, and AL!VE Concert series. With our in-house content, we are committed to making Live Experiences a lifestyle choice in the everyday lives of music fans across Asia.

IMC Shared Music Space

The IMC incubation project is a non-profit studio that provides a shared industry platform and opportunities for young talents who are passionate about music creation. Named “IMC Shared Music Space”, this project will provide members with a creative and collaborative space and access to IMC Group Asia’s resources. IMC Shared Music Space” will also invite industry professionals to share their knowledge and provide lectures on specific topics related to music in the future.

Artiste Management and Development

IMC Group Asia’s Artiste Management and Development team strives to develop Artistes through identifying and recruiting potential talents, and nurturing them through a dynamic and rigorous development programme. From vocal technique and musicianship, to movement, styling, and media relation skills, the programme provides Artistes-in-Training opportunities to train with the best experts in the industry, elevating their artistry to music lovers all across Asia.


In 2014, IMC Group Asia officially launched the “ONE LOVE” charity programme, in which the Group donates RMB 10 for every concert ticket sold. In our belief that “a life lived for others is a life worthwhile” (Einstein), the fund provides educational programmes for various underprivileged groups in Greater China and around Asia.

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