latest concerts REMIX 100% ANGELA ZHANG WORLD TOUR 2017 – MALAYSIA

REMIX 100% ANGELA ZHANG WORLD TOUR 2017 – MALAYSIA 100% Back, 100% Better


TIME: 8:00PM


TICKET PRICING: (VIP) RM568 / (PS1) RM468 / (PS2) RM368 / (PS3) RM268 / (PS4) RM188

TICKETING HOTLINE: +6 03 9222 8811

100% Back, 100% Better

This November, Angela Zhang debuts her first solo concert in Malaysia with style


Petaling Jaya, 8th August 2017 – They say that rules were made to be broken – so actress, singer, and all-around icon Angela Zhang is back with a surprise! Following the success of her most recent tour 2016 100% Angela Zhang World Tour, the Mandopop star is shaking things up with a new tour called REMIX 100% Angela Zhang World Tour 2017 – Malaysia brought to you by IMC Live Group.


After baring her soul to her fans with her last tour, Angela is working to challenge herself with this new “remix.” Armed with nerves of steel and an unbroken flow of inspiration, Angela aims to do more and do better, performing her old songs with a significant upgrade. Her 16-year music career has given her an abundance of material to work with – perhaps too much material! The singer says that “every meeting about concert choreography and song choice becomes a fight” because of how passionate she is and how much of her story she wants to tell.


Favourites like My Lost Happiness, Invisible Wings, and Fearless will be heard like never before while Angela artfully breathes a fresh life into them, transforming her past into her present.


Don’t let her small frame deceive you, this superstar really packs a punch. She’s known for being a symbol of positivity, but behind her bubbly exterior, is an extremely driven, down-to-earth individual. Angela loves being involved every part of the creative process so what when she gets on that stage, she know that it is herself that she is representing. With stunning choreography to accompany this electrifying show, the REMIX promises to be Angela’s best yet.


Malaysia will be the second stop on the tour which kicks off on 23 September 2017 in Beijing. It will also hit major cities such as Xi’an, Dalian, Guiyang, Suzhou, Kunming, Nanchang, Xiamen, and Shenzhen. It is the only Southeast Asian stop of this tour.


It’s a celebration of firsts, because not only is Angela breaking down barriers, this tour will also mark the singer’s first solo concert in Malaysia. Tickets sales for this show begin on 11th August 2017 from 10am onwards. You won’t want to miss out on this musical adventure.





Date / Time: 18th November 2017 / 8.00pm

Venue: Stadium Negara


Ticket prices:

VIP: RM568

PS1: RM468

PS2: RM368

PS3: RM268

PS4: RM188

Tickets available at:

Hotline: +6 03 9222 8811

Organiser: IMC Live Group


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